Since I have deleted my Myspace, I compiled some interesting former blog excerpts.  
Here are some goodies I often have gained inspiration from.  
Some are just interestingly awesome to look at when you have free time.

Do You Love Crayons?
I got this link from Papercrave's Twitter..
it is awesome!!
Crayon Names and Codes

Here's some other awesome links I have stumbled upon and became addicted 

And my newest favorite!
Ephemera Assemblyman (this site is an image collector's dream!)
*Here is a great site with all things cute that featured me earlier this year:

I am so obsessed with anything paper.  
I wish I could be as handy with an exacto.

Urban Exploration: Abandoned Buildings
This is a beautiful site with really cool imagery from Russia:
(These abandoned structures are amazing!)If you haven't heard about 
Hashima Island or Gunkajima, you should check it out. It is so awesome. 
Here is a site with some great pictures of the island and some other good 
pictures of an abandoned children's hospital and Pripyat.
My art was featured in Ice Cream People's Blog in the April Section (look for it between Smitten by Stephanie and Jenny Harada!)
Ice Cream People

I was honored to host Mr. Toast on a visit to Atlanta this Summer! We had a lot of fun and did some cool things! Here are the pictures on Dan Goodsell's The World of Mr. Toast Blog! Enjoy!

Mr. Toast Visits Suprachib!

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