Since I've been snowed in, I have been watching several documentaries on Netflix about all kinds of things.  The most poignant have been those about the conditions outside of our own in the comfy United States.  I am however, lucky to have amenities such as the internet, not having to worry about a warlord named "Butt Naked," to eat me or my child, and not being brain washed by some "Great Leader."

What I am speaking of is this awesome production series on VBS.TV, Vice Guide to Travel
I've watched the one on Liberia, Devadasi Prostitutes in India, Sneaking in North Korea, Chernobyl, even a tourist guide to Poland (really makes me want to go!)

Maybe I'm a little behind myself, but half the people I know and i bet you half the people or more that you know have no idea about what goes on in other parts of the world.  We're in LALALA land over here. 

Anyhow I've also been watching some things on Babelgum, and am liking the Metropolis videos.

So enlighten yourself! It;s worth it I swear! If I was a college professor I would make my students watch these docus.  There are a couple good ones on Netflix, "National Geographic's Inside Look in North Korea," "Without the King," (Swaziland). Oh yeah the "Vice Guide to Travel" series is on Netflix also.