For years I have been a fan of Solis' work and projects.  It is able to show the most stunning and beautiful in the most decrepit and decayed.  It is things like this that still make my heart skip a beat.  I know it is weird, but I feel as if this work also pushes boundaries.  What is art now?  How are the lines between fine art and seemingly un-classical, perhaps low-brow to some blurring?  This work inspires me to push myself to continue to create my own.  Without any regard to wanting to sell, make profiit, I think it is projects like these that  become the most successful.  They make us think beyond the piece and observe the world around us.  A lot of work in the past was a manifestation of beautiful ideals we yearned for, now a movement more focused on showing what is going on in the conditions and times that we live in.  Subject matter that shows the reality and inevitability of destruction and decay.  Our past leading to the now present, and how will our future be.  A lot of my artist colleagues and friends' work deals with a huge spectrum within these matters.  Roles of men/women, sexual desires, chaos, loneliness, the human condition, these are all being dealt with in such unique and sometimes vague imagery. 


Speaking of wonderful things: April 10th is Kelly Mckernan's Solo show at Beep Beep Gallery, so if you are in the ATL area, mark your calenders!
Julia Solis
Kelly Mckernan