We visited Aja in Atlanta recently, and I had some pretty strong thoughts on the whole atmosphere.  Food was meh, but it was a promotional dinner.  Anyway, I used to post restaurant reviews on Citysearch and Opentable, and sometimes still do, but I have not in a while.  To be quite plain, here is a message I wrote to the establishment:

"It is one thing to use Buddhist symbols for pure decor, and it is another to embrace derogatory statements such as "Happy Ending."  The uniforms at Aja are unprofessional looking, and offensive.  They also contribute to the amplification and acceptance of a sexual, wanton, and stereotypical view of Asian women."

While you may not agree or get worked up about it, I feel like phrases and jokes as such as are lame, played out, old sauce.  I mean to be a fine establishment and then have your servers don something that is so blatantly tacky...bad move!  

Positively, (or not for those who are Buddhist and do not agree that the Buddha should not be used as a piece of decoration, especially one that is brass, 10ft tall, and flown from Thailand, yeah yeah, they had the monks bless it and all, but still....my parents would be APPALLED) the Buddha was impressive and I snapped a few photos.