Currently working on the 7th painting in my series!  But I do have time to share some great things:

 I’m really loving this site:

All of the artists are boundary pushers and their work really speaks to me.  Most are NSFW!!!

Some of my favorite artists are Justine Lai, Roberto Mola, Noumeda, Chris RWK
Tonight I noticed the differences between a 1998 and a 2009 penny.  I thought, “Who designed this!!” Wait a minute, is Lincoln looking pretty hot, almost resembling JFK Jr?  What’s with those buff arms?  Is he reading sitting on a log?  WTF is going on!  Looks like I was not the only one who is also baffled. 

“New Penny Designs Make No Cents,” (haha get it)
Speaking of Lincoln and other past presidents, look up Justine Lai’s, “Join or Die,” series, I won’t post the link as it is definitely NSFW and quite wonderfully obscene.
I leave you now with a link to this , and inspiration in my new piece!

Now watching:  Eric Leiser’s “Imagination.” (really liking this film).

Looking at: David Kesting

Pictures of me when I was a kid: using for inspiration on my new pieces

The Penny!!!

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