The Living Walls Conference, a special event celebrating street art and the dialogue surrounding it is taking place for the 2nd year in Atlanta.  There's tons of cool art, lectures, gallery exhibits, and murals incorporated in the events this weekend.
For more info visit: Living Walls Conference
MINT Gallery has announced the artists rewarded to be this year's Leap Year participants.  Leap Year is an artist mentorship program designed to help emerging Atlanta artists grow and thrive.  The program is described in more detail in this article in Creative Loafing.  Congratulations local artists Jane Garver, Chelsea Raflo, and John Paul Floyd!
So This One Time...
...a show about awkward situations.

Read Youngblood Gallery's Review
And visit MINT's BLOG for more info
Hope to see you there, this is going to be a very interesting exhibit, as Katie Coleman and Jane Garver will transform the space into a living area to house their strange characters and situations.

Also happening tonight is Streetela's Launch Party and Exhibition/Fashion Show
900 Dekalb Ave. 8pm-12am

Come check out the "Spirit Animal" show at MINT Gallery tonight from 7-11pm.  The Back Pocket's will be leading a Vision Quest of some sort (sorry no sweat lodge), we'll have special "secret drinks," and art from over 40 artists.
Why the Atlanta art scene is becoming so exciting:

There’s this phenomenon new to our generation that includes an upheaval of collectives, non-profits, and spaces for emerging artists.  While not directly saying “goodbye hoity-toity, snooty galleries”, or “fuck the establishment”, as an act of rebellion, or a subconscious reaction to Thomas Kinkade’s commercial success, this movement still has a lot to say.

 Our events are so interesting people write about them.  We have Burnaway, Creative Loafing, and numerous art/artist blogs. If you want to check out a show and which to go to there’s Thoughtmarker.

 When attending events like Dodekapus’ Carnival for Living Walls: The City Speaks, Living Walls all in itself, or Flux/10, and the numerous openings at MINT, Young Blood, Beep Beep, Eyedrum, Wonderroot, Kibbee, I was reminded of when I was in school studying Art History, and how I yearned to experience something at even 10% of the level as the Flux or Dada movements of the past, and if I succeeded I would die a happy girl. This surge of creative entities is putting Atlanta on the map for the visual arts. We’re doing something successful this city has long been in need of. None of these organizations look or seek fame, wealth, attention, but thrive by being a part of the community, coming together for common causes, helping any artist get their foot in the door.  Although, always grateful for any donations, and as an artist it is nice to make some sales, many of us do what we do because we love it and are passionate about this route and are unconcerned with what monetary gains it brings us. Yeah, there is LA, and NYC, but being a part of what is taking place in the ATL is a little bit of magic.  Building something out of numerous years, days, and hours of hard work and watching it grow is fulfilling.  And that fulfillment is wealth enough for me.

 The term “emerging artist,” is conflicting in that it really was in short a way to say, a not-yet successful artist in societal and financial standards: being someone who has not yet achieved any fame, commercial success. Of course, being an “established artist,” is the goal of most, but just being able to be called an “emerging artist” and be a part of this craziness is a success all on its own.  Will this period in time happening right now be remembered years from now? Hells yeah it will.

I've exchanged a lot of postcards with people from all over the world.  Here's some new ones.
The Renmen Project
Flyer by ATL Artist Cora Seymour

Here's some silly photobooth pictures

MINT 3rd Annual Fundraiser @ WonderRoot, 2010 Photographed by the wonderful, Magical Merlin Photobooth
Laser Beam Kitty, Highland Ballroom, 2010 Mary Rebecca
As some of you might know, not only do I make my own art but I also make kids make it too, that was a lot of makes so I hope that makes sense.  That's also probably grammatically incorrect. Anyway, I've been having a hard time sleeping so in the meantime I have been browsing for some new projects to do with my Preschoolers and I have come across some amazing Art and Crafts blogs for children.  Here's some of my favorites.
Fem Manuals
The Crafty Crow: A Children's Art Collective
Art Projects for Kids

Also, I have been bad about updating :(  So here is a list of things to come and also my tentative TDL:
-Upload pictures from many past gallery shows including ones way back when to the recent Living Walls: The City Speaks, FLUX/10, and Bellury Kills @MINT Gallery
-Post some cool show cards for our upcoming events
-Post info about the postcard exchange I did with my Summer students
-Post some cool student artwork
-hmmmm, add some pictures of art work I have been working on

Ok that's all for now!
We love PurgeATL, and we also love Dashboard, but most of all we just love helping people!
Dashboard Co-op put together an awesome and creative fundraising endeavor and it was a success!  Read more about it in Purge's articleRyan James also did an amazing job photographing! Stay on the lookout for Dashboard's own coloring book that will be put together soon. I'll also post pictures of the show in the future!
Sprout, Disaster Planning, Erin Bassett's Raw and Fearsome, and More....
It's been a fun filled couple of weeks!  Here are some pictures from music @ the MINT Gallery, Kelly McKernan's Solo @ Beep Beep Gallery,  Eyedrum's Benefit for the Beltline, and "We Are Going to Eat You Too," Eric Weber's second curated show inspired by cult movies @ the MINT.
Also, here are some more pictures from Eric Weber's Flickr:

BTW if you are an artist and I have not captioned your name with your art shoot me a message/comment and I will add you!
Here are a few pictures from two show openings in February.  One was at the Mint Gallery: The Ladykiller and Maneater Show, the other was at the WonderRoot Center: Femme Fatale/Film Noir.  Forgive me for the crappy quality of the photos, I only had my bad camera on me!  My favorite part is seeing everyone's different interpretations of a theme and every artist's different style.