As Takashi Murakami states his art, “questions the lines drawn between East and West, past and present, high art and popular culture.

It has for a some time been in my artist statement that I seek exploration in the blurring lines of “what is,” and “what is not art”, the blurring lines between,”lowbrow,” and “fine art.”  It was not so long ago that the art world did not appreciate or even acknowledge the existence of non-Western art, what we call, “folk art/self-taught,” as even being a consideration to be called “fine art.”  The “Gee’s Bend” quilt collection is an example of this.  But oh how the attractive arrangements of geometric shapes remind us of Modern Abstract art, and how on earth could they have accomplished such a thing being from an isolated community…etc.  The art world ate it up and gave the works its’ fifteen minutes of long overdue fame.  But how we did not appreciate such crafts in the past, yet they are part of our history.  And not made for aesthetic value but survival.  What kind of art will we make in this time that serves a purpose just as functional as it is beautiful in form…reminds me of this

Anyway, enough about my rant….