Why do I always take a lot of pictures? I think pictures are magical, they are documentation of that one place and time in your life that will never occur again. Even if other people don't "get it," or they seem mundane, they are special moments. I also find the beauty in almost every little thing.

I just thought of this now, as I look through and upload many photographs.  The awesome thing about technology is allowing one to do so and share with the world.  I like to share other things I find inspiration and beautiful with others!  Don't make me regret it!
As some of you might know, not only do I make my own art but I also make kids make it too, that was a lot of makes so I hope that makes sense.  That's also probably grammatically incorrect. Anyway, I've been having a hard time sleeping so in the meantime I have been browsing for some new projects to do with my Preschoolers and I have come across some amazing Art and Crafts blogs for children.  Here's some of my favorites.
Fem Manuals
The Crafty Crow: A Children's Art Collective
Art Projects for Kids

Also, I have been bad about updating :(  So here is a list of things to come and also my tentative TDL:
-Upload pictures from many past gallery shows including ones way back when to the recent Living Walls: The City Speaks, FLUX/10, and Bellury Kills @MINT Gallery
-Post some cool show cards for our upcoming events
-Post info about the postcard exchange I did with my Summer students
-Post some cool student artwork
-hmmmm, add some pictures of art work I have been working on

Ok that's all for now!