I have been researching robots...classic toys to modern machines.  Tatsuya Matsui has some amazing work.

Tatsuya Matui Posy
Tatsuya Matsui
Tatsuya Matsui: The P-Noir interactive Dance Robot
Here are a few pictures from two show openings in February.  One was at the Mint Gallery: The Ladykiller and Maneater Show, the other was at the WonderRoot Center: Femme Fatale/Film Noir.  Forgive me for the crappy quality of the photos, I only had my bad camera on me!  My favorite part is seeing everyone's different interpretations of a theme and every artist's different style.
Random pictures I have taken this year so far! As much as I <3 seafood, I still don't like to see any creature in a pile, ready to be bought, and alive!  Makes me a very sad panda...
Other pictures are from the Air concert, and "Clash Titans Clash," @ Dad's Garage.
We visited Aja in Atlanta recently, and I had some pretty strong thoughts on the whole atmosphere.  Food was meh, but it was a promotional dinner.  Anyway, I used to post restaurant reviews on Citysearch and Opentable, and sometimes still do, but I have not in a while.  To be quite plain, here is a message I wrote to the establishment:

"It is one thing to use Buddhist symbols for pure decor, and it is another to embrace derogatory statements such as "Happy Ending."  The uniforms at Aja are unprofessional looking, and offensive.  They also contribute to the amplification and acceptance of a sexual, wanton, and stereotypical view of Asian women."

While you may not agree or get worked up about it, I feel like phrases and jokes as such as are lame, played out, old sauce.  I mean to be a fine establishment and then have your servers don something that is so blatantly tacky...bad move!  

Positively, (or not for those who are Buddhist and do not agree that the Buddha should not be used as a piece of decoration, especially one that is brass, 10ft tall, and flown from Thailand, yeah yeah, they had the monks bless it and all, but still....my parents would be APPALLED) the Buddha was impressive and I snapped a few photos.
As Takashi Murakami states his art, “questions the lines drawn between East and West, past and present, high art and popular culture.

It has for a some time been in my artist statement that I seek exploration in the blurring lines of “what is,” and “what is not art”, the blurring lines between,”lowbrow,” and “fine art.”  It was not so long ago that the art world did not appreciate or even acknowledge the existence of non-Western art, what we call, “folk art/self-taught,” as even being a consideration to be called “fine art.”  The “Gee’s Bend” quilt collection is an example of this.  But oh how the attractive arrangements of geometric shapes remind us of Modern Abstract art, and how on earth could they have accomplished such a thing being from an isolated community…etc.  The art world ate it up and gave the works its’ fifteen minutes of long overdue fame.  But how we did not appreciate such crafts in the past, yet they are part of our history.  And not made for aesthetic value but survival.  What kind of art will we make in this time that serves a purpose just as functional as it is beautiful in form…reminds me of this  http://www.kiang-gallery.com/artists/xing/09.html

Anyway, enough about my rant….
I recently saw this artist's work in the Tokyo Life book.  The art is quirky and at the same time questioning.  I loved the soap opera photos, they will make you laugh and also be stunned with the small details in the photo that make it successful.  Here is the artist's website:http://fotologue.jp/tomoakimakino/

Tomoaki Makino

For years I have been a fan of Solis' work and projects.  It is able to show the most stunning and beautiful in the most decrepit and decayed.  It is things like this that still make my heart skip a beat.  I know it is weird, but I feel as if this work also pushes boundaries.  What is art now?  How are the lines between fine art and seemingly un-classical, perhaps low-brow to some blurring?  This work inspires me to push myself to continue to create my own.  Without any regard to wanting to sell, make profiit, I think it is projects like these that  become the most successful.  They make us think beyond the piece and observe the world around us.  A lot of work in the past was a manifestation of beautiful ideals we yearned for, now a movement more focused on showing what is going on in the conditions and times that we live in.  Subject matter that shows the reality and inevitability of destruction and decay.  Our past leading to the now present, and how will our future be.  A lot of my artist colleagues and friends' work deals with a huge spectrum within these matters.  Roles of men/women, sexual desires, chaos, loneliness, the human condition, these are all being dealt with in such unique and sometimes vague imagery. 


Speaking of wonderful things: April 10th is Kelly Mckernan's Solo show at Beep Beep Gallery, so if you are in the ATL area, mark your calenders! 
Julia Solis
Kelly Mckernan

Check out this postcard project and Flocking101's artwork!  I have the one about Old Royalty in Siam/and Thailand.  I first got acquainted with Flocking101's work from a previous worldwide postcard exchange we did last summer.  

By Maz Dixon
Currently working on the 7th painting in my series!  But I do have time to share some great things:

 I’m really loving this site:   

All of the artists are boundary pushers and their work really speaks to me.  Most are NSFW!!!

Some of my favorite artists are Justine Lai, Roberto Mola http://artwork.glowlab.com/collections/roberto-molla, Noumeda, Chris RWK http://artists.gawker.com/5336286/chris-rwk
Tonight I noticed the differences between a 1998 and a 2009 penny.  I thought, “Who designed this!!” Wait a minute, is Lincoln looking pretty hot, almost resembling JFK Jr?  What’s with those buff arms?  Is he reading sitting on a log?  WTF is going on!  Looks like I was not the only one who is also baffled. 

“New Penny Designs Make No Cents,” (haha get it) http://www.fastcompany.com/1553660/new-penny-designs-make-no-cents
Speaking of Lincoln and other past presidents, look up Justine Lai’s, “Join or Die,” series, I won’t post the link as it is definitely NSFW and quite wonderfully obscene.
I leave you now with a link to this http://www.bestweekever.tv/bwe/images/2009/11/Panda-Cage-1.jpg , and inspiration in my new piece!

Now watching:  Eric Leiser’s “Imagination.” (really liking this film).

Looking at: David Kesting http://artwork.glowlab.com/collections/david-kesting

Pictures of me when I was a kid: using for inspiration on my new pieces

The Penny!!!